Body Transformation Academy

Our Program

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At Next Level, our ‘DNA’ is made up of 3 factors that are all absolutely essential to true and lasting health.



In order to see true change in our body we need intense cardio accompanied by resistance training. We combine (new combinations each week) intense rounds of cardio kickboxing along with resistance training. Each work-out is a little different, eliminating plateaus and keeping the classes both challenging and fun. Cardio will help burn fat, but you need resistance training as well in order to build muscle. We provide training for those whose goals are either to lose weight or to bulk.

Eating right is absolutely essential in transforming our bodies, and we have the right meal plan just for you. At Next Level each member receives an individualized meal plan catered to their exact situation and goal. Our meal plans allow you to continue to eat many of the foods you enjoy, and to not feel that you have to eat less in order to see results. As you gain results your meal plan will continue to change to keep you headed in the right direction of obtaining your goals. Just the same with the workouts, we specify for clients who either want to lose weight or bulk.

Why do we have such amazing results? Because we are a community that holds it’s members accountable. Each week, all of our members weigh-in and check their body fat percentage. This allows the member to be held accountable for how their week went. It also allows for the members to have 1 on 1 with the trainers in discussing the workouts and meal plans and how the program is working for them as an individual. We hold each other up because we all need that little extra push to keep us headed toward accomplishing our goals.